Photos and a Street View Tour of your business, directly in Google Search!


Google Street View not only maps streets, but can host a virtual tours for your local business. It's both a gallery and a 360° panoramic walkthrough tour of your business that links right into Google Search results. It adds clickable images on searches for your business to the tour and pictures of your business. It's like Street View for your business, with extra images.


Aperture's Stefan Chakerian, a professional commercial and food photographer, is proud to be the first Google Trusted Photographer for New Mexico starting with the NM launch in March 2012.


What is it? What is a Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours allow someone on the Internet to "virtually" visit your business. It allows them to visit your place on their computer or smartphone, in interactive 3D, and experience your business at the time of the photos. It allows them to walk through the store, zoom in and out, and get a feel for your space and products. If you're familiar with Google Street View, it's similar, but inside your business and much higher resolution!


How does a virtual tour benefit my business?

The vast majority (over 90%!) of local shoppers search for local businesses. When they search for yours, a tour on the results page will show off the merchandise, ambiance, and energy of your establishment, in a user-friendly 360° walkthrough tour. Anyone who searches you through Google will be able to virtually visit, but you can also embed your tour into your own website. This virtual tour is an excellent way to promote restaurants, B&Bs, gyms, nightclubs, fashion/merchandise/autos, tourist and seasonal attractions, salons, wedding and event venues, daycare centers, retirement homes, etc. If you're proud of your offerings, amenities, and presentation, or perhaps you have an eclectic collection of merchandise that defies catalogs, you can benefit from a virtual tour linked directly to a Google Search and Google Maps. It will even link into Streetview in the future!


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Why can't I do it myself?

You can upload your own still images into your Google My Business page and you can even upload a hand-held panorama shot from your phone, but only a Professional Panorama Photographer can create a high-quality virtual tour with no parallax errors and proper stitching. This photography requires specialized equipment, extensive procedures, software, and technical training. While certification by Google is no longer required, Aperture has been certified by Google to shoot panoramas specifically for Street View since 2012. After shooting the panos, Aperture will construct the walkthrough, edit the paths, blur the faces, and upload the tour directly to Google's servers.

This is a great deal on obtaining commercial photography, too. The basic package includes images for your G+Local page so you don't need to shoot those yourself to make your business look good. Our clients regularly use these images on their websites, facebook pages, menus, and advertisements.



What kind of commercial photography do I get?

You will also get 4-6 professional product and location images of your business, uploaded to your Google business page including 4 shots of your choosing, the storefront, and interior. This commercial photography alone is worth well over $500. You will own all these images, and this is a great deal for a few professional product shots. If you like, we also offer very steep discounts for additional corporate photography, food photography, food styling, and product shots if done at the same time of the shoot -- up to 50% off. You can shoot your menu and get a virtual tour for less than our normal price of the food photography alone.


Commercial photography by Aperture Photography:





We not only have experience shooting food and product photography, we also offer corporate headshots, food styling, and photography for catalogs, fashion, locations, advertisements, and real estate (including panoramas and virtual tours for MLS).


Lovelight Boutique


How much will this cost?

Aperture's rates depend on the number of panorama shots required and each store may have different requirements, but it will always be a great marketing "bang" for the dollar. Many small-medium stores we have shot were under $500. Compare this one-time fee to the recurring cost of a 1/4 page ad in a local newspaper for a single week, and the advertising value should be apparent. Google hosts the service, there are no upkeep costs, and it doesn't expire! If your decor changes or you want the tour updated for any reason, reshoots by Aperture are discounted. [We never try to "oversell" a location, but the more panos taken, the smoother the tour will be.]


Sounds great! What do I need to do?

It's simple to do!

  1. 1. Register a free Google My Business page, if it doesn't already exist, and claim it as your business. It can take up to a couple weeks to activate. Need help? No problem, we're also Google Mapmakers and can create your listing quickly at no extra charge!

  2. 2. Hire Aperture for a single shoot of your business.

  3. 3. Done! After the shoot, the images will be uploaded by Aperture right into your page.


Can I see an example?

High Noon Restaurant & Saloon is a well-known establishment in Old Town. They are one of the first in Albuquerque to get a Google virtual tour. Diners at the restaurant stated they saw the virtual tour within hours of it going live. The owner has used the virtual tour to book entire rooms for events, by directing them to the tour over the phone and describing each room.


Use the scrollbar to ensure the entire image is on your page (or click the fullscreen button in the upper-right of the image). Then click to arrows on the floor to move around, drag the mouse to look around, and use the mouse wheel to zoom.


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Aperture is Albuquerque's Premier certified Google Trusted Photographer for Google Business View. All photographs displayed were created by Aperture. Street View, Google Business Photos, Google Business View, Google Places, Google+Local, Google My Business, and the rainbow Google symbol are trademarks of Google.