Breath new life into your memories! Photo restorations make a thoughtful gift.


Maybe you found a scraped and faded photo of Grandma Jean in the attic. Maybe you're looking for a really fun gift and she's always wanted a picture of herself in Paris. Maybe you want to look 10 years younger on your latest photo.  Or, maybe you let Uncle Bob (bless his heart) do your wedding photos and they’ve never been quite right....


Our laboratory can help!


Restoring, digitizing, customizing backgrounds, and editing fees start at $15 per picture with additional bulk discounts, and you'll be amazed and pleasantly surprised at what we can accomplish. We also retouch faces, replace missing elements, or insert backgrounds per your request. You get back full-resolution, color-corrected, and restored digital negatives.  If you like, we will make archival prints available with deep discounts at our color print labs, to make ordering easy from anywhere in the USA.


Contact us for more information.  Prices vary based on corrections needed.