Feb 15 2011

Accessing your personal gallery, sharing, and purchasing your photos from Smugmug: A walkthrough

Okay, so we can’t all be computer wizzes! While our vendor, Smugmug makes things pretty easy for you, in this post, we’ll hold your hand a little throughout reviewing your photos, sharing on the internet, and the checkout process.

After your shoot (generally 2 weeks after a portrait shoot or 1 month after a larger wedding or event) we will contact you with information with regard to the location of your personal gallery. This gallery will be persistent at no extra charge to maintain. The other cool thing about these galleries is that you can share your pictures on a variety of social-networking sites (such as Facebook & Twitter) with ease. (We’ll get to that later.) Continue reading

Feb 4 2011

Preparation for your shoot

The hard part is over. You’ve chosen your photographer. How else can you make sure you will get the most out of your photoshoot? Here are several things we recommend you do in preparation of your portrait session. Continue reading