Mar 20 2011

Reality is what you make it. Photography & the art of seeing.

How an artist interprets a photograph during processing can dramatically effect our emotional response and understanding of an image. Understanding the impact of various treatments on the eye and emotions can help an artist communicate the message they wish to get across to their viewers.

Consider these three versions of a photograph recently shot at a “Goth” photoshoot (click any image in this post to see larger versions):

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Feb 7 2011

The importance of photography equipment

“Wow, what a nice picture. You must have a great camera!”

Try telling a chef, “what a great meal! You must have an excellent stove!”

Behind every great photograph is a great photographer, not necessarily a great camera. We emphasize quality of the photograph starting from the artistic aspect of what we want to capture, before our finger touches the shutter release. We see our camera equipment like a painter views his brushes.

Of course, good brushes, spatulas, and pigments are quite helpful to a painter. Similarly, we prefer to work with good equipment, which helps us realize the shots we want to take. We consider good equipment to be important, as do most professionals in any field, but only as a tool to the craft. Good equipment makes our job easier, allows us extra leeway to focus and shoot faster, is very well-built and dependable, and even makes some artistic concepts possible which would be impossible with lesser equipment. With that in mind, because people have asked, here is a list of some of the equipment we use. Following the list is the thought process of why we selected our particular equipment. Continue reading