Jul 10 2012

Wedding Photojournalism: The Fun Stuff!

I love photojournalism.  One of my favorite things to do is to take pictures of people being people.  The problem is that people don’t always much appreciate that.  I get it.  I tend to avoid being in front of the camera too!  However, this is the great thing about covering weddings.  Everyone at a wedding knows there is a photographer there.  This can make getting some shots tough.  But, if you work hard enough at it, eventually people start to forget about you, and that’s when you can start capturing amazing moments.  Poignant, funny, and full of joy…  These are the moments I aim to capture for the bride and groom so that when they look back on their day even though they were totally focused on each other (as it should be) they won’t have missed a thing.


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Jun 13 2012

Why you need a professional photographer, part 1: “Why do you charge so much? I can take pictures that good!”

For those of you that are unaware, like Stef I shoot portraiture and events, but I also do quite a bit of Fine Art photography.*  Often, people come into the gallery claiming they can take pictures that are “just as good”.  Now without a doubt, some can; but in actuality, most can’t.  This is not just a common occurrence at the gallery though, it is something all professional photographers struggle with on a daily basis.  In an age where everyone has a digital camera, the question/statement “why do you charge so much, I can take pictures that good” comes up so often it makes our teeth gnash.

This post is not about all of the reasons this sentiment is misguided. (For a discussion as to the issue of cost, please read this great article on the subject.) What I am going to do instead is try and illustrate the point for you. Continue reading