May 23 2013

Madrid NM Crawdaddy Blues Fest 2013

In a random “Let’s go to Madrid to hang out with friends” event, Amy and I visited Madrid, NM, for their Crawdad and Blues Festival which was held behind the Mine Shaft Tavern. I have to admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of “mud bugs”, but this was not only a ton of fun, a ton of food, a ton of beer, and a ton of great music … but those mud bugs can be really tasty! The billing says “Live Blues Crawfish and Shrimp Boil” and yes, it was indeed live crayfish being boiled! It doesn’t get fresher.


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Jun 9 2012

“I want that” food photography

When shooting food photography, I strive to evoke a singular response in the viewer:

“I want that.”

Desert Fish - Salmon

Whether it’s conscious or not, I want the viewer’s eyes to widen, her mouth to water, and color to come back into her vision as if suddenly awakened from a reverie of mediocre food.

I want my food photography to be Pavlov’s bell for Albuquerque restaurants. Bringing a physiological and emotional effect is one of the highest compliments and challenges for any photographer, and most people have a long-lost emotional attachment to food. I want them to remember that attachment, and become involved in the simple act of viewing, because it reminds them of the joy of flavor, scent, sound, and the tactile. Whether it’s the crackly sound and feeling of a baguette breaking beneath your fingertips, or the light glistening in a drop of honey with the scent of warm peaches, I want my photography to not only convey the image but also to remind the viewer of good food in one’s past.

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