Sep 4 2013

NM Wine Festival in Bernalillo

It’s always entertaining hanging out with a bunch of happy people, music, and essentially an open bar on an extremely hot day. The 2013 New Mexico Wine Festival over the Labor Day weekend was no exception. I was there to help Amy tend her art booth (and, alas, did not get to sample any of the wines except a glass from the friendly folks and booth-neighbors at Ponderosa Winery), but it was a highly entertaining event. There are a surprising number of New Mexico wineries! Grapes prefer difficult soil and wines prefer dry climates during harvesting. As long as the grapes are established and get enough water, in theory they should thrive in many parts of New Mexico.

Amy M Ditto tending her photography booth. Amy was the only photographer at the festival. Most photographers stopped attending the Wine Festival due to poor sales. Amy was undeterred.

Amy M. Ditto tending her photography booth. Amy was the only photographer at the festival this year, but there were several other artists, including several jewelers, painters, glass and tile artists, and sculptors.

All attendees seemed to have a great time, and I saw no altercations or even a sad face the entire weekend. As I walked around the venue with my camera, I kept getting asked to take pictures. Here are a couple of groups that wanted some shots. Yes, the sun is beating down on everyone, so the shadows are harsh, but their faces (and slightly skewed poses) describe the festival quite well. :-)

Wine Festival attendees

Random folks that asked for a quick portrait.

Wine Festival attendees

More portraits of happy attendees.


One of several bands that played during the festival.

As a photographer, I spoke with several wineries to offer my services as a panoramic and product photographer. All the people I spoke with were friendly and awesome — Gruet, Matheson Wine Company, Casa Abril Vineyards & Winery, Tularosa Vineyards, and Amaro Winery. I know I missed a couple, but I was unable to get everyone’s business cards.


I’ll note that the police presence in Bernalillo was higher and more annoying than other years I’ve seen, and I personally witnessed one vehicle pulled over for a bizarre reason when I went to The Range Cafe for dinner (try the green chile strip appetizer). But one nice thing is the Rail Runner gave a great option for folks to catch rides without driving (if they simply get a ride to and from the station), with lots of extra time to sober up, too.


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