May 22 2011

Model shoots and comp cards

Here are some seamless white background shots I took at April’s Tobyriffic show. Also mixed in are some candids and a couple from inside the studio during broadcast. Clicking any of the thumbnails will take you to the full gallery.

[smugmug url=”″ title=”Tobyriffic%20show%2C%20April%202011″ imagecount=”22″ start=”11″ num=”9″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”smugmug” captions=”true” sort=”true” window=”false” smugmug=”false” size=”L”]


The setup was simple, but like with all photography, the proper light and exposure is paramount. The background was exposed to the right, to almost blow out the whites. I intentionally left some detail in the background to give a little context. Then the models were exposed with a large octobox key on camera left, with a large reflector at camera right. Very few of the models were used to having the light and reflector so close to them, and they clearly felt cramped — the natural reaction is to step back. However, those models that stood where I indicated had the softest light, feathered across their faces, caressing their features, and providing the best shadows and color. Those that stood back were under-exposed, with harsher and flatter light, and more “wrap” from the background which highlighted any blemishes.

So, models, you should make sure to stand where the photographer tells you where to stand, or the light will not be perfect. Sometimes you will not even be able to see the photographer, due to all the light modifiers in the way — but you’ll always see the lens poking out from behind, and that lens is what you’re posing for. Ignore everything else!

We have a model and actor comp card package on special right now, for an introductory price of $250 and if you’re a friend on facebook, the first few will be $200 for a limited time. This includes 100 double-sided cards on 100# “digital” cardstock which has a nice gloss finish, although it is not quite as heavyweight as if you ordered 1000+ on an offset press. Models, this comp card is the most important part of your resume, even if you have a large portfolio of tear sheets. Contact us, and we’ll make sure your comp card is a good one.

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