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Aperture offers a variety of services in the greater Albuquerque area, specializing in weddings, events, and portraiture that suits your individual style. We also offer commercial photography (professional product photography, corporate headshots, and location photography) for local businesses, and quality real estate photography to help you sell or rent your house fast.


Life is art, and we view photography as a creative process which should be fun. We enjoy what we do, and and you can expect friendly, personalized service with a focus on your needs and desires. Our stylistic approach is a combination of unobtrusive contemporary fine-art photojournalism and traditional fine art photography, tailored for the situation and your tastes.


Portraits and Commercial

In addition to professional head-shots, portfolios, family portraits and senior packages, we offer inexpensive web-sized imagery for use on job search, social networking, and dating sites. If your needs are business-oriented, we can provide you with the images you need -- whether it's commercial product photography, model or actor headshots, or a corporate directory. We can photograph your house for real estate listings and even create a virtual walkthrough compatible with MLS, or shoot small commerical projects such as the menu for your restaurant.  And, of course, we can do headshots for your staff, too. Aperture also is Albuquerque's Google Trusted Photographer, and is the only way to get your interior business panoramas and virtual tour into Google+Local.


Other work

Aperture also covers local and charity events, and restoration of old and damaged photos.


We will even cover events on short notice, such as emergency wedding photography and even funerals. Whether your family and friends are together for joy or for grief, you can count on Aperture for discrete and tasteful coverage for those that are present, but also importantly, for those that cannot attend.


For emergency photography, contact us by phone as soon as possible.


We know you're busy

Whether it's ferrying the kids from point A to point B, or juggling the intricacies of planning that perfect wedding, your time is important to us. That's why we make our price list available to you here on our website, to make choosing a package that is right for you easy. You and your family can examine and order prints online from professional color labs, regardless of where your loved-ones reside. If you have any questions that haven't been answered on our site, please give us call at 505.286.1127!  We'd love to chat with you regarding your needs.


All of what you want, none of what you don't

Do you want a large print package? Or do you want the freedom to select each print size and the finish on each print yourself?

At Aperture, we recognize that there are basically two perspectives when shopping for a photography package: convenience versus control. We have an option that will be right for you. And we don't force you to talk to a salesman just to inquire on pricing. We don't have a teaser rate session price with outrageous print prices, where a high-pressure salesman will "encourage" you to buy more than you intend. You get what you order with no pressure to buy more than you want. But if you change your mind, you can order more years later!

In addition to low-cost prints, we also offer a variety of other media including announcements for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, births, and graduations.  We can help you with Christmas cards, coffee table books, and even creative gift ideas such as puzzles and coffee cups bearing images of your choice.


We Never Delete your Photos

If you initially didn't purchase a print, but change your mind a year later, you can still get that print! We don't charge to maintain or restore your online album, either. If we ever are forced to delete our digital negatives due to digital housekeeping, we will attempt to archive it and contact you with a download link of the full-resolution images, free of charge. (This may be limited by our service providers.)


We Expect you to Post your Photos

Social networking is everywhere, and we provide web-sized images free of charge with every complete package, suitable for posting with our blessing (and inobtrusive watermark).


We're Green

Aperture Laboratories is committed to sustainable business practices, reducing trash and energy dependence, and recycling waste. We're solar powered (3000 Watts of photovoltaic panels) and use lower-impact digital processing methods, energy-star compliant electronics, environmentally-friendly rechargeable batteries, and low energy lighting. We recycle dangerous metals from batteries and equipment, and provide our clients with convenient paper-saving online galleries. Additionally, we partner with Green-Certified print labs and camera manufacturers that make a conscious effort for sustainability.  Our job is to capture beauty in our photographs, and we make it our business to preserve that beauty in our planet, too.


Privacy Policy

We don't release your email or personal information except as required for operation or maintenance (such as ordering prints by mail). We occasionally may use an image for promotion, portfolio, or commentary and may use a first name to refer to the subject -- full names will never be associated with an image unless you request modeling credit. Accessing our online galleries requires either knowing the private URL, or for the visitor to know the subject's last name (and possibly the date of session). A password can be requested if more privacy is desired.

We strive to maintain discretion, taste, and protection of your privacy.


About your photographers:

Stefan & Amy are a husband-wife team based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Stef has a degree in Computer Science and Studio Art. He has been interested in the interface between computers and art since 1982 and strives to "paint with light" using the camera as his brush. He has been creating commercial and marketing images for several years. Amy has Fine Art training in photography and attained her doctorate in Biology in 2006.  Her interest in photography originally sprang from an appreciation of the rustic landscapes and natural beauty of New Mexico. She has evolved into an excellent fine art photographer, and excels at restoration and post processing in the digital darkroom. She displays and sells fine art at Albuquerque Photographer's Gallery in Old Town, The Range in Bernalillo, and can often be found as a guest artist around New Mexico.


Aperture.  We love what we do, and we think you will too.


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